The Ships Log of Sailing Vessel
This log details the adventures of the Sailing Vessel
and her crew on an East About high latitude Circumnavigation that commenced in 2010.
If you have the time, pull up a chair and come along with us as we travel to places rarely visited by tourists.
The ship stamp below will take you to our  latest blog. We have been preparing for this trip since 2003 and a lot of those adventures and preparations were documented on our old website. Unfortunately it was  closed down when we swapped to the new talkspot software in 2009. We intend to eventually recreate some of it on this site. In the mean time the older photo albums have images of the early years.


Houbihu Marina
Kenting Taiwan 

We are currently berthed at Houbihu Marina
Kenting Taiwan 

We arrived at Houbihu Marina on the 10th of April.  It was a long hard road from Davao.  We will be here for approximately 3 weeks before continuing to Japan.

We checked out of the Philippines on the 07th of April at San Fernando Luzon.  We have passaged from Samal Island Marina through the Islands of the Philippines to Puerto Galera for the race weekend over Easter then sailed on to Taiwan via the Luzon West Coast.    From here we will be heading north again to sail to Japan in May.

Along the way we hope to catch up with our friends that we have met on our travels so far through SE Asia.

We say it all the time that we will try to keep the site updated as much as possible, however we find that with slow internet and busy schedules that is not alway possible.
If you are interested in joining us just send us an email.  We love to have friends on board.

We hope you enjoy our travels and adventures. We are always happy to get feedback from you so leave a message at the end of the latest Log.
Garry and Wendy

"To young men contemplating a voyage I'd say go."
Joshua Slocum
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